Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bumper sticker creation

To busy to vote in 2010?
You'll be busier in 2011-
Trying to save your Social Security/Medicare!

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Friday, March 26, 2010

Health Care Reform is Socialism?---I'm just sayin'!

I was just thinking ya'll!

If I were someone in the Insurance Industry who had donated millions upon millions to the Republican leaders such as JOHN (hell no they can't) BOEHNER, ERIC (I was directly targeted by a bullet) CANTOR, TOM (What Americans ought to do is pray that someone can't make the vote tonight) COBURN, JOHN(I won't cooperate for the rest of the year) McCAIN, CHUCK ( Ugandan Kill Gays Bill and, I actually wrote the Dem's health care bill) GRASSLEY, MITCH ("insurance puppet") McCONNELL and MICHELE (I think the President is anti-American) BACHMANN, to stop the health care reform bill, I would seriously reconsider donating anything more to these just say no, ineffective, out of touch with reality, I can't deliver anything for anyone goof balls. WHEW!

To those people I would say, you should consider not giving these people another dime! They have proved they have no punch, can't deliver and are an embarrassment to the Nation. You might be bettered served to pick new vital, energetic folks with more potential for the future than those mentioned above. Stick a fork in em'-they are done! It's your money!

I'm just sayin'!.......

Health Care Reform is just part of the costs

Well, I was talking with one of my neighbors yesterday. I call him "Dipstick" and he thinks of that as a compliment. And, 0l' Dipstick, who is livid (my word not his- you wouldn't believe what he thinks the word livid means) about the new health reform law. He was ranting and raving about the "gov-ment" takeover of his health care. I asked him what health care he had previous to the "takeover"! He said "Medicare"! I told him that Medicare "is" a government health program! Hot damn, he said! I just told you that! No, I said, I mean it has always been a government health program"! Say, what, he said? How could it have always been a gov-ment health program, when they just passed the takeover day before yesterday? Huh? Tell me that! Knowing I was spitting into a fan, sort to speak, I asked ol' Dipstick when he signed up for Medicare. He said in 06'! I said, at that time it was already a government health care program. It has been a government program since its inception, I added! God, you Democrats are so stupid, he said! See if you can follow me, he said. I signed up for Medicare in 06'. It became a government health program day before yesterday when they passed the takeover! What don't you understand bout' that?
I said, Dipstick, do you know what was just passed by the Congress the day before yesterday, dealing with health care reform? He said, yep, government takeover of my health care, that's what!
So, I said, you believe that the new law took over your health care program and that includes medicare? You probably also believe that there are "death Panels" associated the new law that are going to kill Grandma? Well, hell, you finally got it! You got any evidence that they won't, he said? I asked him where he had learned all this and he said, Glenn Beck and all the folks on Fox News! Damn, don't you know anything, he said?
Hell, he continued, I just don't want the gov-ment in my business, that's all! Besides, he said, I can't keep jawin' with someone who don't know nothin'! I got to go cash my social security check! Check, I said? Check? You got to be kidding?! Why do you still get a check when you can have direct deposit? Aren't you worried that someone could steal your check?. Hell no, he said, I rely on the post office- I trust them! Why don't you trust direct deposit, I said? He said because he didn't want the government to have control of his check or the ability to get into his bank account. I said, but you do rely on the government to send you your check? In fact you rely on them to honor your social security commitment don't you, I said? In fact, you rely on the government mail to bring you your check,right, I said. He just stared at me and walked away.
As he walked away, I wondered how he managed to learn how.
Dipstick is a real person and the conversation is an accurate paraphrasing of an actual conversation. Dipstick is a college graduate. Isn't the American education system wonderful?

Health Care Reform killed my Grandma!

OMG! OMG! OMG! The opponents of Health Care Reform were right!!!

It's true! Last night, the government's death panel people came for grandma!!!

Yes! They said she no longer met the criteria under the new health care rules. They just took her!!! They "advised" us to throw away all her personal things, re-decorate her room, and deny that she ever lived here. And... and, they told grandpa he had two weeks to get better or they would be back to get him! OMG!
They told me that his doctor had been changed to a Dr. Kavorkian and grandpa no longer could go to his old doctor! OMG! They kicked my dog in the face and set my cat on fire as they left.


It's truly a miracle that God spared grandpa! I can't imagine what grandma must have done for God not to have saved her as well! But, I'll not question the miracle that saved grandpa! I need to give more money to the church, I guess. God, bless you Glenn Beck, Michelle Bachmann and Sarah Palin-you warned us!
I'm moving to Costa Rica with Rush Limbaugh! I wonder if Rush will help grandpa?

The last thing they said was " be sure to pay your new health care taxes or we'll be back to get you as well!" We need to elect an American as President!

Socialism sucks!

SATIRE! Look it up!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

"On the road again"

Well, never say never! Here I go again. I am on my way to Amman, Jordan. I thought I was retired. However, sometimes the sand remaining in your shoes from days gone by and the excitement of new challenges offered by old friends are just too irresistible and undeniable. Sometimes wanderlust finds a way back into your blood, your heart and your mind. Besides, I am such a whore when it comes to money!
Soon, I'll be posting my APO address and pictures. Much more later!
God, help me!